The second special euro coin of 2021

Åland Autonomy 100 Years

The second Finnish special euro coin of 2021 will be issued on 13 August 2021. The subject is The autonomy of Åland 100 years.

The total issue of the special euro coin is 800,000 coins, of which 5,000 in proof quality.

The design of the special euro coin celebrating the 100 years of Åland autonomy is called Vår väg (Our road). The averse of the coin depicts an archipelagic scenery: a shipping lane with sea marks, the bow of a boat, and a hand holding a compass. The pictorial subject was designed by Ulrika Kjeldsen, an artist from Åland.

Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised  and Swedish-speaking part of Finland. The Finnish Parliament approved the Act on Åland autonomy in spring 1920, but the final solution was reached through arbitration by the League of Nations in 1921. Finland retained sovereignty over Åland, but Åland got autonomy and guarantees for the Swedish language and the local culture and usages. 

The centennial autonomy of Åland is celebrated for a full year, starting on 9 June 2021. The jubilee year  celebration peaks on 9 June 2022, on the centennial of the first meeting of the Åland County Council’s first meeting in 1922.