Väinö Linna 100 years commemorative coin

The newest Finnish commemorative coin will be issued on 20 December 2020. The subject is Väinö Linna 100 years. The commemorative silver coin has a face value of 20 euro, and the total issue is 2,000 coins.

The commemorative coin celebrates the centennial of our national author, Academician Väinö Linna, born in December 1920.

Linna in profile dominates the averse of the commemorative silver coin. The arcs in the background are like threads from which Linna – who had worked at a textile mill after the war – spun the plots of his works. The reverse features a page about to be turned, and vortices of thought that emanate from Linna’s prose. The coin was designed by Architect Petri Neuvonen.

Pre-sale of the commemorative coin will start on 7 December 2020.